Finding a wedding dress can often be a difficult task when searching for “the one”.

If brides have an idea of what they want but are struggling to find it, we’re here to help. Number 18 was created because it gives brides the option to have exactly what they want without having to pay an extortionate price. Although we often mention “vintage inspired” wedding dresses, we have created other styles so please just ask!

At first, the idea of having a bespoke wedding dress may seem a little daunting, but trust us, it’s not. Many of our brides often tell us how easy and relaxing the whole experience was and they never felt pressured. Within our studio, we have a range of sample wedding dress which we have designed which are differently styles and allow brides to try various lengths, necklines and materials (these can also be made to measure and recreated if a bride likes a style). This allows the bride to see what she feels comfortable in and also what suits them. Photo boards are also encouraged so brides can visualise what they like and we can get an idea.

We have also designed a concept in the studio where we have three different length skirts and three different styled bodices which have detachable sleeves so brides can literally build their own wedding dress in the studio by adding and taking bits away to see what they like. The final design can then be made from this.

Brides often ask the question “what happens if I don’t like it?” The dress is made in stages so brides can see the dress throughout the whole process, this allows any alterations to be made before it is finally made.

The lead time to make a dress is usually 12 weeks which means it is ideal for brides who need a dress within short notice, unlike other bridal boutiques, we don’t say that you dress needs to be made 8 months before.

Prices start from as little as £795 for a wedding dress so although the dresses are bespoke, they are also affordable. The price includes all design work, fittings and alterations if any are required. 

We also design and make bespoke bridesmaids dresses so that they feel just as comfortable and confident on the day as the bride; the same process applies to the bridesmaids where we will make the bodices first to make sure they are happy with the look, some may want a different style of bodice depending on their body shape. We also make the bridesmaids dresses all the same length regardless of the heights of the girls i.e. they will all be made to their particular knee or calf length, therefore in the photographs every bridesmaid will look the same instead of varying heights of the skirts.

Bridesmaids dresses start at £175.00-£225.00 There are no hidden charges for alterations throughout the process.